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Best Pediatrician in Hyderabad for health care of your child

Metrocare Hospital

Best Pediatrician in Hyderabad for health care of your child

As parents, you are always worried about your children’s health. The child may get an allergy, ear infection, sudden fever, persistent cough, fractured bones, and whatnot! The kid gets exposed to a new virus, bacteria every day and their immune system is learning how to deal with all the new types of infections. But parents get panic attacks when they see their kid suffering from pain and discomfort. The main responsibility of a parent is to find a pediatrician who will know in detail about their child’s medical needs. You get relaxed and free from anxiety when you know that your child is in safe hands.

Till a child attains a certain age, they get hurt or suffer from some problem or the other. Nothing to worry about. Every year is a milestone in a child’s life. These blossoms need personalized care and attention. Our pediatricians @ Metrocare take complete care of your child’s physical, social, and emotional well-being.

Metrocare Hospital has the best pediatricians in Hyderabad who offer exclusive care and love to your tiny tots. With several decades of experience, passion, and dedication, our specialists enable your child to be physically and emotionally healthy.

Facilities @ Metrocare:

Neonatal Unit:

Metrocare has a well-equipped and dedicated Neonatal unit to provide support and care to premature babies. The unit is headed by Neonatal specialists assisted by a team of nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. We have the latest technology and modern equipment that help in providing critical care, nourishment, and monitoring of pre-term and critically ill babies.

In-house Pediatrician:

Our in-house specialists are available 24*7 to diagnose and treat all medical emergencies in children.


Vaccination is very important as it protects your children from various infections and keeps diseases at bay. Our pediatricians offer all kinds of vaccination as per the Immunization chart. You will never miss out on any vaccination when we take care of your child.

Leave all your worries about your kids’ health when they are with our loving and compassionate pediatricians.

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