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7 Tips to Protect Your Lower Back Pain -World Spine Day

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World Spine day

The lower back gives the body incredible flexible strength. On the other hand, simple everyday tasks can cause pain in this critical area of the body. Back discomfort can be caused by lifting an object, leaning over to vacuum, or sitting in front of a computer for lengthy periods.

Here are a few strategies to keep your lower back safe.

On the occasion of World Spine Day Stabilize and Protect your lower back with seven healthy tips:

Do core-muscle-strengthening exercises:

The core muscles are made up of the back and abdominal muscles. They, like other muscles, can be strengthened to increase the amount of load the lower back can move. It also means that the back can handle the pressure of everyday activities without becoming irritated.

Buy a comfortable office chair to keep your lower back in proper alignment:

The natural curve of the spine is mimicked by an ergonomic chair, which supports the lower back. Furthermore, by reducing the amount of tension on the spine tips, the chair helps to prevent lower back problems.

Maintain body position when lifting objects:

Lifting objects that are too heavy for you is a bad idea. Keep the following posture in mind when lifting:

Avoiding Lower Back Stress During Everyday Activities.

• Allow Your Back to Rest After a Long Bend

• Prolonged bending puts a lot of tension on the lower back,

 which can lead to pain and damage. This is because when you bend for an extended period, your muscles become fatigued.

Maintain an upright posture when you initially wake up:

The strain on the discs climbs to 240 percent when you sleep. If you raise or bend abruptly at this stage, the discs are at a higher risk of developing a hernia. After waking up, keeping a straight back for an hour or two restores their natural pressure.

Maintain a healthy body weight:

Exercise, when combined with a balanced diet, can help you lose weight or keep it off. Being overweight or obese, or rapidly gaining a large amount of weight, are risk factors for low back discomfort. Excess weight, especially belly fat, can place additional stress on your lower back muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Take a break from your work:

You should also take a break. If you use your spinal discs and ligaments regularly, they will become stressed. Rest for a few minutes if you’ve been outside for several hours. You can lessen your risks of incurring an injury by standing up for a few minutes and allowing your spinal tissues to recover and reestablish their structure.

Choosing the right foods for optimal nutrition:

To avoid lower back discomfort, eat nutritious foods. By nourishing the bones, muscles, discs, and other components in the spine, eating a balanced diet with the proper amount and variety of vitamins and nutrients can help to prevent back disorders. While a balanced diet should include a variety of vitamins and nutrients, this limited list highlights a few healthy options that can help with back discomfort.

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