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6 Tips for Having a Healthy Pregnancy

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1.  Proper diet intake.

  •  Eating healthy meals is especially very important for pregnant women. In order for your baby to develop healthy and strong in the womb, follow a healthy diet that contains more natural food like fruits and whole grains, calcium rich meals and low saturated fat foods.

2. Take prenatal supplements:

  • While you’re pregnant, your body needs more of certain nutrients to support your growing baby. Taking a prenatal vitamin or supplement can give you folic acid, iron, protein, and calcium which isn’t possible to get from a normal diet. Because the baby’s neural chord, which eventually becomes the brain and spinal cord, develops during the first month of pregnancy taking the prenatal supplements is very crucial for the baby’s growth and development.

3. Exercise regularly and stay hydrated:

  • Staying active is important for your general health and can help you reduce stress, control your weight, improve circulation, boost your mood, and sleep better. Keep your mind and body healthy. Physical activity can help you feel good and give extra energy. It also makes your heart, lungs and blood vessels strong and helps you stay sit.
  • During pregnancy, your blood supplies oxygen and important nutrients to your baby via the placenta while carrying waste and carbon dioxide away, this causes your blood volume to increase by 50% to handle all this extra activity. As a result, you’ll need to drink more water in order to support that gain. Drinking water can also help reduce constipation, hemorrhoids, urinary tract infections (UTIs), exhaustion, migraines, edema, and other unpleasant pregnancy symptoms. Aim for 8-10 glasses of water every day.

4. Listen to your body & Go to your prenatal care checkups:

  • The first and third trimesters come with fatigue, which is your body’s way of telling you to take it easy. So, listen to your body.
  •  Get regular prenatal care from a health care provider.  Who don’t get regular prenatal care is much more likely to have a baby with low birth weight or other complications.

5. Don’t drink alcohol & don’t smoke:

  • If you’re a non-smoker and non-alcohol drinker then well and good.
  • Alcohol can impact a baby’s health in the earliest stages of pregnancy, before a woman may know she is pregnant. Therefore, women who may become pregnant also should not drink alcohol.
  • Smoking is unhealthy for you and your unborn child. It increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), premature birth, miscarriage and other unpleasant outcomes.

6. Get plenty of sleep & Reduce stress:

  • Sleeping a minimum of 7 hours to 9 hours is important for you and your baby. Try to sleep on your left side to improve blood flow.
  • Reducing stress is crucial for improving birth outcomes. Pregnant women should avoid stressful situations as much as they can. Stay with your loved ones to help you manage stress in your life.

Visit the doctor regularly during pregnancy

Regular prenatal appointments are critical to monitor both your health and the health of your growing baby. At each appointment, Dr. Padmaja – Senior Gynecologist and Obstetrician checks your vital signs and measures the baby’s progress. If potential issues are identified, such as gestational diabetes or preeclampsia, we develop a treatment plan to give you the healthiest possible pregnancy and birth.

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