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Adeno Tonsillectomy

Adeno Tonsillectomy Treatment in Miyapur, Mathrusreenagar

Adeno tonsillectomy at Metrocare Hospital is an effective treatment in most uncomplicated cases of obstructive sleep apnea in childhood. Childhood Adenotonsillectomy Study (CHAT) helping to inform best practices for using adenotonsillectomy for OSA in children.

Given the obesity epidemic, clinicians need to be increasingly familiar with the implementation of CPAP therapy in youth. More complex cases of OSA will require the involvement of specialty service with pediatric expertise in the evaluation and management at health centers with appropriate support facilities.

Treatment and Procedures:

Adeno tonsillectomyTreshould leads to complete resolution of clinical symptoms and polysomnographic abnormalities in most children with OSAS. However, it is important to note that OSAS results from abnormalities in the size and function of the upper airway structure as a whole, rather than from the absolute size of the adenoid and tonsils.

Adeno tonsillectomy treatment in Miyapur modalities is available for those children who do not respond to adenotonsillectomy or those in whom adenotonsillectomy is not indicated.

Non-invasive ventilatory support in the form of CPAP is commonly used and is well tolerated in infants and older children. However, behavioral techniques or admission to the hospital to acclimate the child to the use of this modality of treatment is necessary for it to be successful.

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