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Anesthesiologists are an integral part of the critical care team. Metrocare is one of the top hospitals for anesthesiology treatment in Hyderabad. Right from preparing the patient for surgery by evaluating various parameters, administering anesthesia, monitoring the patient during and after surgery, anesthesiologists play a vital role in pain management and critical care. Types of anesthesia vary according to the surgery, medical condition, and other factors.

Local Anesthesia:

Local anesthesia is administered to a specific part to make it numb. It is used for minor treatments wherein you can return home the same day itself.

General Anesthesia:

Metrocare General Anesthesia is given for patients who undergo long procedures or operations. It makes you fall asleep and sends you to a state of unconsciousness. Without this anesthesia, the operation would be very painful.

We have experienced and dedicated anesthesiologists who understand the needs of every patient and prepare them physically and mentally for the surgery. Our team of anesthesiologists ensures not only a painless surgery but also assists in faster recovery and rejuvenation. With top-notch professionals, we are the best anesthesia specialist hospital in Miyapur.

Critical care services by our team:

  • Pre-operative Assessment
  • Anesthesia for all kinds of surgeries
  • Pain management
  • Sedation for painful surgeries
  • Pediatric Anesthesia
  • Anesthesia for labor
  • Transplant Anesthesia

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