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When children and teenagers require surgery, the following procedures may be used:

Urgent or emergency surgery is performed in cases where a medical condition is life-threatening, such as serious accident injuries, testicular torsion, or acute appendicitis.

Elective surgery refers to procedures that patients require but do not need to be performed immediately away. Although the term “elective” may imply that an operation is optional, this is not necessarily the case. Unlike emergency surgery, an elective procedure is arranged ahead of time.

What Are the Most Common Elective Treatments?

Elective surgery includes a wide range of operations such as:

  • cosmetic procedures
  • Ear tube surgery for cleft lip
  • To treat obstructive sleep apnea, tonsillectomies (removal of the tonsils and/or adenoids) are performed.
  • Bariatric (weight-loss) surgery is a procedure that is used to help people lose weight.
  • Undescended testicle surgery hernia repair
  • Cataract surgery, strabismus surgery, spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis, and sports injury surgery

These surgeries are typically crucial and potentially life-changing operations, although they are done “electively.” Some are “same-day” procedures that do not necessitate a stay in the hospital. After a brief recovery period, children can return home the same day. Other surgeries may need a child’s stay in the hospital.

If My Child Requires Elective Surgery, What Should I Do?

Elective surgery refers to when you and your doctor decide (elect) to have surgery. As a result, you have plenty of time to prepare.

If your kid is scheduled for elective surgery, you will be given instructions on how to prepare and what to anticipate from the care team. You’ll sign forms providing your approval for the procedure after speaking with the surgeon and getting your questions answered. “Informed consent” is the term for this. It indicates that you are aware of the surgical procedure and have agreed to it.

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