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Best Emergency And Gynaecology Care in Miyapur

Milestones Clinic is the most sought after destination for Gynaecology and Maternity care in Hyderabad, with a dedicated Mother & Child unit, personalized nursing care, labor suite, the option of water birthing, pre and postnatal care, lactation specialists, and a team of the best obstetrician & gynaecology consultants in Miyapur.

Milestones Clinic, provides highly specialized maternity and perinatal treatment to ensure a safe and healthy delivery.

We have a team of skilled medical specialists committed to the hospital who keep a close eye on the various phases of pregnancy. We offer prenatal and postpartum treatment as well as counseling to expecting and new mothers. In the event of complex or high-risk childbirth, we provide prompt medical help.


Obstetrics is concerned with the many stages of a pregnant woman’s pregnancy, including the unborn baby, labor and delivery, and the period immediately following childbirth. In layman’s words, obstetrics is concerned with the health of a pregnant woman and her kid.

Our obstetricians deal with a variety of issues that can arise during pregnancy, including ectopic pregnancy (when the embryo develops in the fallopian tube), fetal distress caused by compression, placental problems, and high blood pressure, which can be a precursor to a serious illness called pre-eclampsia.


Although most gynaecologist are also obstetricians, the field of gynecology focuses on women’s diseases. From puberty to menopause and beyond, a woman’s reproductive health is taken into consideration. In gynaecology, a gynaecologist assists patients ranging from those with non-life-threatening chronic problems to those who have an acute emergency presentation, which is the first sign of a gynecological problem.

Building on the idea that motherhood is a family experience, the Milestones Clinic team strives to provide a seamless experience, protecting the privacy of the would-be parents and providing all the necessary assistance to make the delivery a memorable event. Providing the best maternity hospital in the hands of the best gynecologists in Miyapur to bring out the best in Motherhood.

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