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Best Emergency Medical Care At Miyapur


The emergency rooms at Milestones Clinic treat a large number of adult and pediatric patients. Our emergency department follows international norms in acute care management, notably for heart attack (MI), stroke, abdominal emergencies, and polytrauma, to provide world-class care.


Our motto, “Every patient to the right physician in the right clinical setting,” is a driving force and source of motivation for us as we strive to provide high-quality patient care and treatment.


Our emergency department provides Safe, Effective, Patient-Centered, Timely, Efficient, and Equitable Care at all times. The following are some of our primary areas of focus:


  • Personnel who are well-trained, qualified, and skilled.
  • Waiting areas, vulnerable areas, triage, equipment maintenance, and other world-class infrastructure ER processes and protocols (Head injury, MI, Stroke, Sepsis, Major Trauma), Instruments for triage.
  • Emergency care that is coordinated throughout the patient’s journey.
  • Monitoring and knowledge of outcomes like mortality and morbidity reviews, as well as complaint tracking to highlight system and/or individual failures.
  • Commitment: Adequate resources (money, equipment, infrastructure) and active, visible management interaction with ER…resulting in empowered, motivated employees.


All members of the acute care team and support units have received extensive training and are activated and ready to respond as soon as possible.


The Hospital also maintains the highest international standards for medical, safety and quality, which ensures the accurate treatment of the patient.

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