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Best Orthopedic Hospital in Miyapur


Milestone Clinic provides comprehensive therapy for a variety of orthopedic ailments, including knee, hip, and joint issues.

We are known as best orthopedic hospital in Miyapur and offer a wide range of services, including Sports Medicine, Paediatrics Orthopaedic Services, Arthritis Diagnosis, Treatment, and Pain Management.

We have raised the bar for orthopedic treatment in Miyapur by focusing on giving the best degree of patient care combined with professional skills in early mobilization.


Our Treatments and Procedures.

  • Computer Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery,
  • Arthroscopic Surgery,
  • Traumatic Orthopaedic Surgery,
  • Hand, Shoulder & Elbow Surgery,
  • Spine Surgery,
  • Articular Surface Replacement Hip Surgery,
  • Foot & Ankle Surgery,
  • Total Knee & Hip Replacement Surgery, and

Total Knee & Hip Replacement Surgery are just a few of the procedures we perform.


A computerized Orthopaedic operating suite is available at Milestones Clinic. The joint implants are pre-operatively prepared for optimum size and location based on the patient’s anatomy, ensuring patient safety.


What Services Do We Provide?


  • An accident and emergency service are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a competent orthopedic surgeon on call. Accident victims can be transported quickly with the help of an ambulance service.
  • Joint replacement, arthroscopic surgery, and spine surgery are all procedures that are commonly performed.
  • The Trauma Intensive Care Unit at DITO is equipped with ventilators, monitors, and blood gas analyzers, all of which are monitored by in-house intensivists.
  • We organize a case conference and use a team approach to map out the optimal treatment procedure for difficult patients.
  • To provide a comprehensive super-specialty cover for reconstructive surgeries, our panel includes surgeons, hand surgeons, and facio-maxillary surgeons.
  • We provide a nodal center that allows you to access the opinions of experts from across the world via a contemporary communication network.
  • It’s a cutting-edge facility where we could team up with international surgeons to execute high-tech operations as needed.


Book your appointment with the best orthopedic surgeon in Miyapur @Milestones Clinic miyapur.

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