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General Medicine @Metrocare deals with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of all health issues including Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Respiratory Problems, etc. General physicians (GP) serve as the initial contact for anybody who has a physical or mental ailment. The team of General Medicine includes doctors, nurses, dietitians, and several other healthcare professionals. GPs treat a patient by understanding the social, physical, and emotional aspects. They carry out the initial diagnosis by blood tests, x-ray, etc., and may refer to specialists if the need arises.

A GP knows in and out of a patient and has a holistic approach towards treatment. They also take care of disease prevention and health management. With the cooperation of the patient, GPs help the patients in managing chronic diseases as well. Metrocare offers comprehensive Health Checkups to evaluate all kinds of illnesses. With hi-tech labs, expert physicians, we at Metrocare best hospital in Hyderabad offer complete healthcare plans and treatment. Our team strives to enhance the overall patient experience by improved care, compassion, and expertise.

Our GPs conduct routine health checkups, immunizations and provide treatment to all other infections, injuries, fever, stomach pain, etc. Metrocare is one of the best hospitals in Miyapur. We have the best team of healthcare professionals to take care of your overall health.

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