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Geriatric Physiotherapy

Best Geriatric physiotherapist at Milestones clinic miyapur

A decline in overall health can make elderly day-to-day duties more difficult and raise the risk of serious injury as they age.

Visit a Geriatric physiotherapist at Milestones clinic miyapur to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a senior.

Physical therapy is defined as the “treatment of a sickness, injury, or deformity using physical means such as massage, heat therapy, and exercises to develop the physical strength of seniors rather than medications or surgery.” In senior patients, a physical therapist’s primary focus is on treating functional issues such as pain, poor endurance, balance, and walking difficulties, as well as muscle weakening.

The team’s most vital members are the senior care and the senior themselves. The emphasis is always on maintaining function and increasing quality of life.

The members of the team examine the older person’s medical, social, emotional, and other requirements while putting together a care plan for them. When creating a care plan, the person’s preferences and values are always taken into account.

Incontinence falls, cognitive issues, and managing various chronic diseases and drugs will be among the topics addressed by the team.

Your Geriatrician is not a replacement for your Specialist, but he or she will assist you in coordinating your treatment for the particular conditions that come with aging that can often be avoided.

Milestones Clinic tackles muscular, tendon, ligament, and joint problems that are often associated with physiotherapy, as well as diseases that cause nerve sensations such as disc herniation and sciatica. To treat jaw pain, clicking, and locking, the best geriatric physiotherapy clinic in Miyapur uses a combination of muscle and joint training, activity adjustment, and exercises.

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