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Normal Delivery

Normal Delivery

Best Maternity Hospital for Normal Delivery in Miyapur

What are the risks?

Every delivery, whether you use pain medications or not, has a risk of complications, such as heavy blood loss or issues with the umbilical cord. These complications may be harder to detect or treat without medical intervention.

If you choose to have a delivery without pain relievers, you may want to remain open to other options, such as an emergency cesarean delivery (C-section), if they become medically necessary.

People with low-risk pregnancies are the best candidates for delivery without pain medication.


Normal Labor, Delivery

It is a journey from womanhood to motherhood. It is quite essential that you know what to expect at the beginning of the “real show”. You could have lower abdominal cramps or “waters leaking”.

  • Normal delivery
  • Operative delivery
  • Painless labor
  • Cesarean section

Since IVF conception is not natural, it is considered a high-risk pregnancy and C-section, or Caesarean delivery is usually recommended. However, natural delivery in IVF conception might be rare but certainly possible. Doctors at MetroCare Hospitals will suggest C-section delivery after IVF conception since natural delivery poses threat to the mother and the child, which are eliminated with a C-section.


An expecting mother may join antenatal classes and learn breathing techniques if she finds herself wanting a natural birth. However, women who conceive through IVF over the age of 40 have higher chances of problems occurring during childbirth, which is why doctors don’t take chances and insist on a C-section.

Even though a normal delivery sounds more natural after conceiving artificially through IVF, trusting the doctor at MetroCare is essential to protect the mother and the child.

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