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Painless Delivery

Best Hospitals for PAINLESS DELIVERY in Miyapur‎

If you are a new mom-to-be and looking for the Best Hospitals for Painless Delivery in Miyapur? You are at the right place @MetroCare Hospitals.

At the time of first pregnancy, women usually can experience mixed feelings of both excitement and fear. When you conceive, you think about eating right and opt for a healthy lifestyle to help your growing baby with the right nutrition.

There are only options are either a vaginal birth or having a c-section. If you are one among those women, who plan to have a c-section only because of the fear of labor pains or if you have a question “how to get normal delivery without pain?”, you have another option to bring your baby into this world without pain, known as “Painless delivery” or “Epidural delivery”.


What is Painless Delivery?

Painless delivery refers to the use of an epidural injection which is given by an anesthesiologist for pain relief during labor. It is injected into the lower back.

Painless Delivery Procedure:

The procedure of a painless delivery is similar to that of a normal delivery procedure except receiving the epidural to ease labor pains. But, as every woman wants to be sure about each and everything when she is planning for her baby’s birth; here is the complete procedure of painless delivery.

Before the active labor begins and prior to the procedure of placing the epidural, the woman will be given intravenous (IV) fluids. In general, a woman may receive around 1 – 2 liters of IV fluids throughout her labor and delivery.

To start the epidural procedure, our anesthetist may ask you to arch your back and remain still either by bending over a pillow, or lying on your side, or sitting up. This position makes it easier to insert the needle into the right place and increases the effectiveness of the epidural.

Epidural doesn’t always provide 100% pain relief, but it substantially reduces pain and sensations in the lower half of the body. In early labor, pain can be managed using natural methods like warm showers, massages, and exercises.


An assurance from MetroCare Hospitals

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We prioritize your health and your wealth by giving the best optimal solutions and guidance related to pregnancy issues. Deeply rooted in the code of ethics and values and with top gynecology doctors in Miyapur, our institution works to provide the best health care facility and not fulfill its business objectives.


FAQs about Painless Delivery


When is the right time to get an Epidural?

The right time to get an epidural is during the active phase of the labor, i.e., when the cervix is dilated to at least 4 – 5 cms. Most of the women think to wait until they reach a stage when the pain is unbearable to receive an epidural. But, it is always better to get an epidural before reaching the pain point, because a woman must be able to sit still in order to receive an epidural. Otherwise, it makes it difficult for an anesthesiologist to place the catheter safely as it might not be possible for a woman to sit still while she is experiencing labor pains.


Should you choose a Painless Delivery?

It is suggested to a pregnant woman to prepare for normal delivery by building their stamina, practicing labor exercises and breathing techniques, and selecting a birth partner. You can cope well with labor pain without an epidural with the right support

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