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Pediatric Dermatology

Best Pediatric dermatology in Miyapur


Pediatric dermatology is a specialty of medicine that is used to cure and treat children with skin problems with proper treatment and procedure. When a child has a skin problem like eczema, cellulose, blackheads, psoriasis, etc., it is consulted to a pediatric dermatologist, who has experience in treating a wide range of skin conditions utilizing a large variety of new technologies. Operations such as laser treatment and cutaneous surgery can now be treated very efficiently with skin problems.


There is still no unanimous agreement among pediatric and dermatological groups on suitable clean-up measures for children. Children have smaller skin and muscles than adults, which increases water loss (TEWL). The skin problem is due to infections and some other reasons. A pediatric dermatologist can be useful in treating bacterial illnesses such as cellulitis, erysipelas, fungal infections such as candida, jock itch, and virus infections such as chickenpox.


Milestones Clinic’s dermatology section provides a variety of general and cosmetic dermatological services. It provides a wide range of specialty services in pediatric, surgical, medical, and cosmetic dermatology, as well as state-of-the-art skin care diagnostics and treatment.


Our pediatric dermatologists in Hyderabad have successfully treated a wide range of skin disfigurements, from skin cancer and melanoma to acne and other skin issues.


Our children’s skin specialists provide treatments for a variety of hair and skin problems, including:


  • Diseases of the skin
  • Hair-related problems
  • Polishing the skin
  • Botox injections are removed using a chemical peel.
  • Acne in Adolescents
  • Hair removal with lasers
  • Hirsutism
  • Skin tags and moles are removed.
  • Skin pigmentation reduction
  • Ailments of the nails
  • Allergies to the skin
  • Psoriasis Diaper Rashes

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