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Best Pediatric Oncology in Miyapur

The most common pediatric cancers are leukemia and lymphoma, followed by brain tumors. Less common are bone tumors, neuroblastoma, and nephroblastoma. The most prevalent type of solid tumor in children is a brain tumor.

Pediatric leukemia is the most frequent type of cancer in children and young people, accounting for over 30% of all cancers in this age group. In India, boys present to cancer centers in considerably greater numbers than girls, indicating a social prejudice rather than a true male majority.

Treatment for children’s tumors has advanced in leaps and bounds over the previous three decades, with an overall survival rate of more than 80%. Diagnostics, supportive care, multimodal chemotherapy treatment protocols, surgical clearing with accuracy, and high-tech radiation administration have all contributed to this development.


Leukemias are caused by the excessive multiplication of white blood cells, which can be lymphoid or myeloid. Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL), which affects 85 percent of children, and Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML), which affects about 15 percent of children, are the two types of juvenile leukemia.

Fever, bone discomfort, reddish skin patches, and nose and mouth bleeding are common symptoms in children. The majority of them had enlarged livers, spleens, or lymph nodes upon evaluation. A small child hobbling or refusing to walk could suggest bone pain. Easy bruising or little blood spots called petechiae under the skin are signs of bleeding.

A persistent fever with no obvious cause might also be a sign. A brain tumor can cause persistent headaches, vomiting, inability to move, or visual abnormalities. The most typical presenting symptom of a bone tumor is a painless bony enlargement that appears after a minor injury. An early indicator of an eye catarrh is a white eye response.


Milestones Clinic is a cancer treatment pioneer, with dedicated Pediatric Oncology units in miyapur that have clinical competence in the treatment of all types of juvenile cancers. After discussion in a multidisciplinary team conference, treatment in the form of chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy, or various combinations is employed depending on the cancer type for optimal benefit.

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