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Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Best Plastic Surgery Hospital in Miyapur

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Hospital in Miyapur, Matrusreenagar

Plastic Surgery at MetroCare Hospital provides advanced and natural-looking plastic & cosmetic surgery. Combining the latest in precision technology with the highest standards of surgical craftsmanship, we take good care of our patients and provide a truly first-class experience.

We work closely with our patients to provide tailor-made solutions in both aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Whether the goal is to rejuvenate and enhance or to repair and restore function and appearance, our focus is always on providing exemplary care and gratifying solutions.

We have vast experience in high-precision and microsurgical techniques. These methods inform our work at every level, allowing us to perform plastic surgery procedures that would be impossible otherwise and provide us with greater refinement in results.

We provide a broad spectrum of treatments from simple procedures, such as removal of minor skin lesions, to some of the most advanced cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast reduction, gynecomastia, hymenoplasty provided anywhere.


Plastic and reconstructive surgery is a broad field that includes cosmetic surgery, aesthetic surgery, and surgical repair of congenital deformities and deformities caused due to accidents, trauma, etc. The surgical intervention generally involves restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of a body part to give the patient the desired look or make a body part functional, or both.


Metrocare Hospitals is considered to be one of the best plastic and reconstructive surgery hospitals in Miyapur and nearby states due to its highly skillful and experienced team of surgeons that conduct surgeries with utmost precision and successful results. Apart from that, the comprehensive care & approach of MetroCare Hospitals makes it one of the most trusted cosmetic surgery hospitals, especially in the areas near Miyapur, Nizampet, Bachupally.

Treatments and Procedures:

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  • Skin Grafting: Skin grafting is a surgical procedure in which the skin from one area of the body is removed and moved or transplanted to a different, affected area of the body.
  • Flaps: In this procedure, any type of tissue is lifted from a donor site and transplanted to a recipient site with an intact blood supply.
  • Autografts: Autografts are a patient’s own tissue that is used for a surgical reconstruction procedure.
  • Microsurgery: Microsurgery combines magnification with advanced diploscopes and other specialized precision tools and instruments for conducting surgery.
  • Fractional CO2 Skin Resurfacing Laser: Fractional CO2 skin resurfacing laser is a special kind of laser designed to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production in the face, neck, chest, and hand region.
  • Intense Pulsed Light: This technology is used for aesthetics and therapeutic purposes including hair removal, treating acne, etc.

At the center, we perform a variety of different procedures such as management of burns, facelift, rhinoplasty, liposuction, eyelid surgery, breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, body lifts, chemical peel, facial fillers, botox, sclerotherapy, microdermabrasion, laser treatments (for hair removal, wrinkles, pigmentation problems, acne, and scarring).

The availability of such variety and so many options is one of the contributing factors that make MetroCare Hospitals the best plastic surgery hospital in Miyapur.

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