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Best Sample Collection Clinic in Miyapur


Today’s technology enables testing on a remarkably diverse range of samples taken from the human body. A blood sample is usually all that is required. Urine, saliva, sputum, feces, semen, and other body fluids and tissues, for example, can all be tested.


Some samples can be collected as the body removes them naturally. Others are simple to obtain since they are found in the body’s orifices. Minor surgery and anesthesia may be used to enable the health practitioner access to the required sample in some cases.


Urine, feces, and sputum can be collected because the body eliminates them naturally, while semen can be collected by the patient. Some samples from small children or individuals with physical restrictions may necessitate the use of help. Obtaining these samples is usually painless, but it can be embarrassing and unpleasant at times since it involves the removal of bodily wastes and involves body regions and functions that people like to keep private.


Some tests can be done on more than one sort of sample, as you may have noticed. Glucose testing, for example, can be done on both blood and urine samples. A blood glucose test is used to diagnose diabetes and monitor blood glucose levels in diabetics, whereas urine glucose is one of the chemicals evaluated when a urinalysis is conducted, such as when a urinary tract infection or kidney problem is suspected. In some situations, such as HIV antibody testing (blood, urine, and oral fluid screening tests are available), there are options for the type of sample, whereas, in others, there are no options.


Many people are put off by the idea of waiting in line for hours at a diagnostic lab or hospital, or at the very least put off having diagnostic tests done. Milestones Clinic recognizes the value of health tests and recognizes the need to make diagnostic services more user-friendly, which is why they offer Home Sample Collection.


Milestones’ experienced personnel arrive at the patient’s doorstep to collect samples after getting a call. Home collection and reports can be picked up at our center or sent to your home the next day


Milestones the best diagnostics in Miyapur has already established a network of professionals and a simple contact center to ensure that patients receive the finest possible care in the privacy of their own homes.

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