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Spine Health: Healthy Tips for Your Spine While Working from Home

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Spine Health

Backaches during WFH are most often caused by staying physically inactive. The long-term effects of sitting or lying down with no exercise or movement may lead to spinal problems. People who work from home are most likely to develop spinal problems because of working on laptops while lying down and incorrect ergonomics.

Things to keep in mind for a healthy spine while working from home:

Avoid working in one position– Avoid sitting for long periods with your knees bent and your spine and shoulders bent forward. It is best to move around frequently when working.

Place your screen at a comfortable height: Place your monitor about one foot away from your eyes. The monitor should be in level with your eyes. Your monitor should also be centered on your face. Make sure you don’t look down at your screen or angle it in a way that makes you twist your neck. This can cause discomfort and you may end up in neck pain.

Sit properly: Sit with your back straight and your feet flat on the ground. Be careful not to place pressure on your blood vessels by placing the back of your knees on the chair.

Don’t forget to take minor breaks: You could experience back and neck pain if you don’t get up every 30 minutes after sitting. So make sure you stand up every 30 minutes. You should also stand upright on both feet for three minutes while taking a break.

Maintain proper posture: A balanced back minimizes the strain on your neck and spine. Make sure your ears, shoulders, and hips are straight. If you want to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome, rest your hands on the mouse and your forearms on a flat surface.

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