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Best physiotherapy treatment in Miyapur

Sports physiotherapy is for them if they have injuries or problems while playing. Everyday injuries are not the same as sports injuries. Athletes demand a high degree of performance and demand on their bodies, which puts their muscles, joints, and bones under extreme stress. Physiotherapists assist athletes in recovering from sports injuries and provide information to help them avoid difficulties in the future.

We provide the best physiotherapy treatment in Miyapur for any form of sports injury.


Preparing pre-season evaluation programs, implementing prevention procedures, doing first aid on the field, treating injuries, and providing information to athletes, coaches, and anyone involved in sports are all tasks that the sports physiotherapist conducts. They might work with athletes directly or serve as a consultant to sports organizations.


Milestones Clinic has expert physiotherapists that can help with sports injuries such as muscle strains, ligament sprains, and tendon disorders like tennis elbow and skills tendinopathy.

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Many injuries can occur during sports, including muscle sprains, ACL, torn MCL, shin splits, plantar fasciitis, elbow limb deformity, and so on. Athletes are treated with sports physical therapy as well as the proper medication. Physiotherapy has proven to be one of the most effective treatments for speeding up the healing of sports injuries. Athletes are also educated by sports physiotherapists to avoid future injuries.


We can assist each individual to improve their athletic performance using a combination of physical assessment, physical training, nutrition, and mental training. Our staff uses the newest diagnostic technology mixed with the human touch to help injured athletes return to play in the shortest period feasible, employing a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach. Aside from sports performance, our mission is to improve people’s health by encouraging them to participate in sports and physical exercise.

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