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THR’s (Total Hip Replacement)

Best Total  Hip Replacement in Miyapur

Complete Hip Arthroplasty, often known as total hip replacement surgery, is a treatment in which an orthopedic surgeon removes damaged parts of a hip joint and replaces them with artificial components to improve function and reduce discomfort. Patients who have chronic hip discomfort that is interfering with their daily lives and limiting their mobility are usually candidates for total hip replacement. Only after conservative therapy options have failed to yield positive results is hip replacement surgery explored.


The main reason for having hip replacement surgery is to improve the hip joint’s function and relieve joint pain. Patients who suffer from any of the following conditions may require total hip arthroplasty:


Osteoarthritis of the hip is a kind of hip arthritis marked by painful inflammation of the hip joint as a result of cartilage loss. Over time, the disorder can lead to considerable pain and a loss of hip functionality.

Damage to the cartilage in the hip that develops after an accident, such as a fracture, causes post-traumatic arthritis of the hip.

Rheumatoid arthritis of the hip is a chronic inflammatory illness in which the immune system attacks the tissues of the hip, causing the cartilage to deteriorate. Other joints in the body can also be affected by this type of arthritis.

Limited blood flow to the hip causes osteonecrosis or avascular necrosis, which causes bone weakening and shrinking of the joint area.




Each complete hip replacement process is unique to the patient’s demands and may differ from case to case. The following are the general steps involved in complete hip arthroplasty:


  • Using a regional anesthetic and a sedative to keep you comfortable during the procedure.
  • Creating an incision to provide access to the hip joint
  • The hip joint is prepared for the implant by removing damaged cartilage and bone and prepping the region.
  • securing the hip implant’s components in their precise positions
  • Putting the new parts together and sealing the wound


Following hip replacement surgery, patients should anticipate suffering some swelling and pain. Metrocare, the best orthopedic in miyapur is committed to enhancing your recovery by minimizing post-operative pain and other complications. We have worked on a variety of topics over the years, including minimally invasive surgical procedures, anesthesia, anti-inflammatory drugs, and specialized equipment utilized during the process.


If you have a limited range of motion in your hip joint and are experiencing discomfort, the first step in getting back to your regular life is to schedule an evaluation with an experienced orthopedic surgeon. Metrocare facilities offer specialized treatment programs and care, Call us or schedule an appointment with us by clicking HERE

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