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Top Tubectomy Surgeons in Miyapur‎, Mathrusree Nagar.

Find the best doctors for tubectomy treatment in Miyapur, who performs your sterilization. Depending on the procedure, it can be performed at Best Hospital for Sterilization Laparoscopic Surgery in Miyapur.


What is Tubectomy?

Over the years, Tubectomy has become an increasingly prevalent form of contraception in India. Also called Tubal Ligation, this surgical procedure is carried out to ensure that the fallopian tubes in your body are blocked-clamped, sealed, or severed. The main aim of this surgery is to prevent the sperm from reaching the egg to fertilize it. It is a permanent method of sterilization and there is no going back.

Professional surgeons at MetroCare Hospitals perform this surgery using state-of-the-art facilities.


What is the Procedure of Tubectomy?

Tubal ligation may be done while you’re recovering from vaginal childbirth (using a small incision under the navel called a mini-laparotomy) or during a cesarian or C-section delivery. It can also be carried out as an outpatient procedure (interval tubal ligation) that is separate from childbirth. An interval tubal ligation is usually done with a laparoscope –  a thin tube equipped with a camera lens and light under short-acting general anesthesia.

The complete procedure is carried out in an operation theatre. However, our experts at MetroCare Hospitals advise that the risk of complications during surgery is higher if you undergo tubal ligation surgery when you have had previous pelvic or abdominal surgery.


The treatment procedure of Tubectomy:

Preoperative preparation: An informed consent is obtained from the patient. The patient is instructed to take nothing per oral for at least 6 hours prior to surgery or during midnight if the surgery is scheduled in the morning.

Analgesics and antibiotics might be prescribed preoperatively. The sedative can also be given to reduce anxiety. The abdomen and genital area need to be shaved and washed with soap and water before the surgery. This helps reduce the chances of acquiring a bacterial infection. In some cases, an enema might be performed preoperatively or a laxative can be given to empty the bowel.

Tubectomy can be performed by various techniques such as laparoscopymini-laparotomy, or hysteroscopy.




When should I get sterilization done?

Female sterilization can be done at various time durations such as within 7 days of delivery, tubal ligation following a caesarian procedure, interval ligation which is done 6 weeks post-delivery, tubal ligation after an abortion, and a combination of ligation along with gynecological surgeries.


When to perform post-partum sterilization?

In uncomplicated cases, it can be performed after 24-48 hours as the chances of postpartum hemorrhage decrease after 12 to 24 hours enhancing the safety of the procedure. In situations where it is imperative to accurately evaluate the chances of the infants’ survival, the procedure can be delayed for up to 7 days. Post 7 days, the uterus tends to descend into the pelvis. This decreases the accessibility of the fallopian tubes.

Hence it is advised to postpone the procedure 42 days or 6 weeks post-delivery in cases when the uterus involutes thus becoming less vascular.

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